Galliano L’autentico

42.3% (84.6° proof)
Galliano L’autentico is a vibrant and distinct golden liqueur that adds a unique and flavorful twist to cocktails. Named after the Italian distiller Arturo Vaccari, this herbal liqueur is crafted using a secret blend of Mediterranean herbs and spices. With its bold and complex flavor profile, Galliano L’autentico offers notes of anise, vanilla, citrus, and herbal botanicals, creating a harmonious balance of sweet and bitter flavors. This versatile liqueur can be used to elevate a wide range of cocktails, from classic favorites to modern creations. Whether you’re shaking up a refreshing citrusy cocktail or adding depth to a creamy dessert drink, Galliano L’autentico is sure to be a delightful addition to any mixologist’s arsenal.